Barriers, Bollards and Tripods

Nice barriers are designed to professionally control every type of access: car parks, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centres, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility.

Nice Road Barrier

High performing, reliable and durable.
Elegant, streamlined design.
Carefully selected materials.
Greater convenience, safety at all times.

Traffic Barrier

NORMAL is an electro-mechanical automatic barrier for industrial entrances, and because of its powerful mechanical system, it can operate booms up to 7 m long. It can go without maintenance for years

Automatic bollard

STOPPER T 275 A is an automatic traffic controller that resist against crashes and bad weather conditions. Ideal for intensive use up to 2.000 daily operations.


Tripod systems provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, company offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, shopping outlets.


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