The Loxone Smart Home

A Loxone Smart Home can take care of most tasks related to comfort, safety, energy efficiency and more.

Sensor Tree & Touch Pure

We further developed our Motion Sensor, now into a true Presence Sensor, and updated our Touch Pure.

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Loxone App

Many fueatures including alarms, brightness controller, music interface and more.

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Miniserver & Extensions

the Miniserver
A building automated by Loxone connects all components; similar to the human nervous system. Everything is controlled efficiently – lights, HVAC, blinds, multi-room audio and more.

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Shading control

Get way more than just sun protection. Simply control any shading element – blinds, roller shutters, awnings and more – in a way that makes sense. Even coordinate with your heating & cooling system.

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Lighting control

Our lighting product range meets the needs of design and function. Used along with dimmers and various interfaces, you can easily integrate any lighting fixture.

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To us, security means more than just protection against burglary in the building. We believe in comprehensive protection using fully integrated alarms, sensors, intercom, access control and more. NFC products for doors, windows, gates, garage doors.

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Room Climate

Our products maintain a stable, ideal indoor room climate around the clock to meet the needs of each individual room. Temperature, humidity and fresh air is always in check.

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Multi-room audio

Reliably connect and control all kinds of entertainment devices from TVs to multi-room audio systems and beyond. Do more than play music when you integrate along with different smart speakers and systems.

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Energy management

Help the environment and your wallet. A Loxone Smart Home helps you save as much energy as possible with intelligent energy management and communication between all devices.

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Outdoor living

Experience next level comfort by taking smart home technology outdoors. When it comes to pool maintenance, Loxone makes it effortless with automation and built-in control panels. Or prepare the perfect sauna or spa thanks to temperature and humidity sensors and more.

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Software & services

Our powerful Loxone OS and Config software make it incredibly easy to implement a Loxone solution – without complex programming on your end. Then in the app, you can basically hold the building in your hand – controlling any room or function instantly. Possibilities extend even further with our online services.

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