Barrier Systems

Simple and fast mounting due to the “Plug & Go”principle
install, plug-in, ready!
• barrier arm can be easily shortened on site
• easily operated via integrated SOMMER radio receiver
(FM 868.8 MHz)1)
• the automatic obstruction detection ensures optimum protection
when it contacts an obstacle the barrier opens automatically and
ensures that no vehicle is clamped
• the operating force of our barriers is certified according to
EN 12445 and EN 12453
• the barrier can be manually opened and closed in any position
by means of the emergency crank (e. g. in the event of a power
• pluggable and service-friendly motor control with a range of
setting options
• numerous connection possibilities for accessory, e. g. light barriers
(photo cell), induction loops, …
• also available at SOMMER are support posts and torque
support arms2)

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