Fire Extinguishing Control Panel FS5200E

FS5200E is already certified by EVPU!!!

The Fire Extinguishing Control Panel is designated for fire protection, monitoring and control of systems for active extinguishing – gas, powder, aerosol, water, etc. After processing the signals from the automatic fire detectors and/or manual call points the Control Panel makes commands to the executive devices for extinguishing, sound-light signalers, air conditioning and ventilation devices, etc. The Control Panel could exchange data with a repeater, PC or another intelligent device via RS 485 interfaces.

Functional data
– Control of the lines, the controllable inputs and outputs for Fault condition and automatic resetting
– Control of the lines for removed fire detector and automatic resetting
– Option for setting the evacuation time from 0 to 5 minutes
– Option for setting the time when the extinguishing device is switched on from 10 seconds to 5 minutes
– Built-in sounder for Fire condition and Fault condition with the option for switching off
– Built-in clock for astronomic time
– Test modes and setting option
– Power independent archive of 100 events registered by the Control Panel, containing the type, date and time of the event