K-lcd W 800 – 32 characters LCD wireless keypad – 868 MHz

Bidirectional wireless keypad powered by batteries (2 batteries AAA – Alkaline 1.5V). It can be fed with external power (4 – 18 Vdc). It is equipped with a LCD display 32 characters on two lines, and a programmable NFC / RFID tag reader, with which it is possible to arm / disarm and enable / disable programmed outputs. It is a full bidirectional keypad and allows the user to have a real feedback of the status of the system (not ready zones, troubles etc.).


• Arm / disarm panel (in all configurations)

• Not ready zones alert

• Bypass zones

• Change / modify personal user code

• Allow technical access

• Log event reading

• Outputs triggering

• Tag readers management

Dimensions: W 135, H 116, D 24 mm